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Video Gastroscope
Code ID: Maxga 96
Model ID: Maxga 96
Certificate: ISO, CE
Min. Order: 1 PCS

Excellent Optical System
1) Super-high Resolution: with 440K pixels of Color Charge Coupled Device (CCD),makes you enjoy top class of image quality and reflects high-definitions and perfect color.
2) Circular image makes observation clear.

Completely waterproof design
1) Max series can be immersed completely into detergent solution when cleaning and disinfection.
2) Convenient Leakage Tester can promptly confirm whether endoscopes damage to prevent from deep damage by water.
3) Innovated Control Body makes comfortable feelings and more flexible operation.
4) To release operator pressure by angle operation, traction chain structure, and flexible bending section.
5) The durability of whole equipment is improved by long life design of bending section.
6) It is becoming from soft to rigid from the distal end of insertion tube, which allows operator to insert while applied freely and minimizes patients’ pain.


Diameter of distal-end:  9.6mm
Diameter of insertion tube:  9.6mm
Working length:  1050mm

Total length: 1350mm 
Diameter of instrument channel:  2.8mm
Field of view:  140°
Depth of field:  3-100mm
Center Resolution:  ≥7.41 Lp/mm
Angulations:  210° Up, 90° Down, 100° Right/Left
Water flow:  ≥40ml/min
Air flow:  ≥800ml/min
Suction flow:  400ml/min


Standard Configuration:
1×Endoscope, 2×Biopsy Forceps(Reusable by immersing sterilization), 1×Cytological Brush(Reusable by immersing sterilization), 1×Cleaning Brush(Reusable by immersing sterilization), 1×Leakage Tester, 1×Manual Syringe, 1×clean kits, 2×Mouth Piece, 2×Valve, 4×Seal Rings, 1×Metal case.

* You can also choose other specification from Shinova:
A. Maxga 96: Distal-end diameter is 9.6mm (9.6*1050mm)
B. Maxga 90: Distal-end diameter is 9.0mm (9.0*1050mm)
C. Maxga 88: Distal-end diameter is 8.8mm (8.8*1050mm).

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